Olympus Binoculars 8-16x25 ZOOM PCI

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  • Compact binoculars
  • Powerful 8-16x zooming capability
  • Small size, lightweight design for hassle-free portability
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for maximum brightness and contrast
  • Long eye-relief with twist up/down eyepieces

Details: How to read binocular specifications The Olympus 8-16x25 Zoom PC I Binoculars: For Sightseeing and Spectator Sport These Stylish and Compact Binos Score Big with a Powerful 16x Zoom For when portability is as important as optical quality there is the Olympus PC I series of binoculars; aimed at the urban dwelling sports and sightseeing enthusiast, the 8-16x25 Zoom PC I features a sleek, stylish design yet compact dimensions. While great as a general use pair of binos, they excel when utilised for bird watching, if added to your kit bag when camping and hiking, plus are superb for use at sports events and when travelling. These standard porro prism type binos feature a multi-coated lens for maximum image brightness and contrast, high quality optics, plus the added worry-free feature of UV (ultraviolet) protection. Added to the mix are precisely ground prisms and lenses made of brightness-enhancing barium crown glass (Bak-4) to ensure clarity and brightness to the very edge of the field of view. Peace of mind and years of pleasure are further guaranteed thanks to a 25-year European warranty. Exit pupil explained Optical Perfection, Day or Night This particular zoom model offers 8x to 16x magnification and a 25mm objective lens diameter. As it sounds, up to 16x magnification produces an image that appears as if the user were 16 times closer to their subject, while the objective lens diameter refers to how much light can be gathered to form that image. While for daytime use a lens diameter of 21 to 25mm is ideal. Also worth considering for low light work is the exit pupil. Here that is 3.1 to 1.6 mm, which for 8x25 binoculars, for example, is arrived at via 25 divided by 8 = 3.1 exit pupil in mm, so beyond the 2-3mm which is generally thought of as being suitable for daylight use. Another thing to take into account is the field of view, which here, due to the zoom capability, is 79-51 metres, and is defined as the width of the viewable field at a distance of 1000m from the point of observation. Closest focusing distance is five metres. Angle of view Versatile and Bright, These Binos Will Place Nature in the Palm of Your Hand Offering an 8x to 16x zoom magnification to bring faraway points of interest that much closer plus a 25mm objective lens diameter, the 8-16x25 Zoom PC I Binoculars incorporate multi coated lenses to deliver maximum image brightness, visual impact and image defining contrast. Fast and easy focusing is provided courtesy of a large, centrally placed knob. The 8-16x25 Zoom PC I further sports a 15-12mm eye relief for extra comfort, plus diopter adjustment for comfortable viewing without glasses. Prism types explained Engineered for Excellence, Built to Last Boasting a tactile and ergonomic design and weighing 315g, the 8-16x25 Zoom PC I measurements are a manageable 114x111x48mm, while the package includes a neck strap, case and protective lens covers. In summary, with a lens configuration of 6 elements in 4 groups, and a 15-12mm eye relief, the field of view at 1000m is 79-51mm. The actual field of view is 4.5° to 2.9° while the apparent angle of view is 36° to 46.4°. These are also binoculars that will repay your original investment with years of good service. Model 10-30x25 ZOOM PC I 8-16x25 ZOOM PC I Magnification 10-30x 8-16x Objective Lens Diameter 25mm 25mm Exit Pupil 2.5-0.8 3.1-0.8 Relative Brightness 6.3-0.7 9.8-2.4 Actual Field of View 3.2°-1.9° 4.5°-2.9° Field of View at 1000m 56-33mm 79-51mm Apparent Angle of View 32.0°-57.0° 36.0°-46.4° Near Focus Distance 5m 5m Eye relief 15-8mm 15-12mm Adjustable Eyepiece • • Dioptric Correction >± 2m¹ >± 2m¹ Eye interval adjustment range 58-70mm 58-70mm Weight 315g 315g Dimensions WxHxD 114x111x48mm 114x111x48mm Prism Type Porro Porro General Use • • Boating Travelling • • Camping / Hiking Bird Watching Sports /

Brand: Olympus

Color: Black, Silver

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