La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Digital Thermometer Weather Station

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  • Digital thermometer with wireless remote and clock.Display: 3.31" L x 0.89" W x 5.87" H,Sensor: 1.50" L x 0.83" W x 5.00" H
  • Remote sensor transmits from up to 330 feet; records daily high and low temperatures
  • Receives weather data from up to 3 sensors (other remotes sold separately)
  • Temperatures displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius; 12/24-hour time display
  • Display/receiver measures 5.86 by 3.3 inches inches; remote sensor: 5 by 1.5 inches
  • The outside transmitter takes 2 AA batteries
  • Mount the outdoor transmitter on a North-facing wall or in any well shaded area. Under an eave or deck rail is preferred.
  • The maximum transmitting range to the temperature station is over 330-feet (100 meters) in open air, not including walls

Simple Set

Set 12/24Hr Format, Hour, Minutes:

- Hold 'Set' button to enter time mode

- Press + button to adjust values

- Press 'Set' button to confirm

- Out Temp Range: -39.8 F to +139.8 F (-39.9 C to 59.9 C)

- In Temp Range: 14.2 F to 139.8 F (-9.9 C to 59.9 C)

- Receiver requires 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

- Sensor requires 2 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Wireless Thermometer

with Large Digital display

Extra Large Digits for Great Viewing! One of our Top Rated models makes this one of the Best Sellers! Wireless temperature transmits from weather resistant outdoor sensor, within 330 ft range and updates every 4 seconds depending on obstructions. 12 or 24 Hour manual setting time and will receive up to 3 outdoor sensors. Records MIN/MAX temperature values.

Large digital display

1 inch outdoor temperature digits

Simple operation:

- (View Minimum or Maximum temperature recorded values by pressing Min/Max button)

- (View other sensors (sold separately) using CH button)

- Battery operation makes it portable!

Wireless outdoor temperature

330 ft. transmission range (open air, no obstructions) Some glass, foliage, metal or concrete structures will reduce its range.

Will receive up to 2 additional sensors (TX29U-IT models, sold separately).

Recommend proper location for outdoor sensor on a North facing wall, under an overhang for protection from direct precipitation. Transmitting sensor is weather-resistant, but not waterproof.


  • Wireless IN/OUT Temp (F/C)
  • MIN/MAX Value of Temp
  • Can Receive Up to 3 Sensors
  • 12/24 Hour Time Display (manual setting)
  • 330 ft. transmission range
  • OUT Temp Range: -39.8 F to +139.8 F (-39.9 C to 59.9 C)
  • IN Temp Range: 14.2 F to 139.8 F (-9.9 C to 59.9 C)
  • Receiver : 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Sensor : 2 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

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