Perrini 10-30x50 Zoom Binoculars Ruby Lense With Pouch

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Brand: Perrini


  • Ruby Lense. Comes Packed in a Box. Lense Cleaner included. Comes with the pouch (to carry it anywhere). Good Quality.


ts red coated optical lenses? with Improved Light Technology? provide you with improved vision because it diffracts light really well.? Multiple Coated Optics with Improved Light technology means they can use a very low source of light; starlight, moonlight etc. and increase light intensity especially at nighttime, its reflected light source without changing the natural colors.

Magnification POWER :10-X30 (WITH ZOOM)

Binoculars 10-X30X50 (as marked)

Lens Diameter ? 50 MM

Has a rubber-armored coarse-grain exterior design that provides a firm grip and very durable

Specifically made for maximum distance performance with crystal clear images

Has reliable performance anytime and anywhere.

Even people who were glasses can comfortably look through it and see a clear far image. If you wear any type of glasses, all you have to do is roll down the eyecups, bringing your eyes closer to the lens, thus providing an improved field of view. Adjustable Focus Knobs for personalized dioptre scale for custom focusing to each eye.

It contains a non-slip grip

Contains a roof prism where the focusing wheel is located

Includes soft cover carrying case and neck strap, lens protection caps

Great for hunting, bird watching, sports events and astronomy


EAN: 6546219013867

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