AmScope PS100E 100 Homeschool Biology Prepared Microscope Slides - Set E

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  • 100 prepared slides of various plants, insects and animal tissues (set e)
  • Preserved in cedar wood oil and sealed by coverslip
  • Labeled and stored in a fine crafted varnished wooden case
  • Optical glass slide dimensions: 3"x1"x0.04" (25.4x76.2mmx1.0mm)
  • Great for students of all ages, from home-schoolers to college students looking for an excellent introduction to microscopy

Details: This is a 100 pc Set of Prepared microscope slides of anatomy, botany, zoology and hematology. Offering a sharp image, they are great for students of all ages. Cover-slipped and preserved in cedar wood oil, all slides are carefully labeled and arranged in a fine wooden case. They are brand new without risk of contamination. Slides Included: Bacillus, Bee Wings, Bee Worker Leg-Composite, Bone Marrow Mammal, Butterfly Wings Ocales, Cerebrum Mammal, Chlamydomonas, Coprinus Mushroom Set, Cucurbita Stem, Daphnia, Dog Cardiac Muscle, Dog Duodenum, Dog Esophagus, Dog ILeum, Dog Jejunum, Dog Pancreas, Dog Rectem, Dog Skeletal Muscle, Dog Small Intestine, Dog Smooth Muscle, Dog Spleen, Dog Squamous Epithelium, Dog Stomach, Dog Trachea, Dog Ureter, Dragonfly Wings, Earthworm, Euglena, Feather, Fern Prothallia, Fern Prothallia and Sporangia, Fern Leaf-Sorus, Fish Blood, Fish Scales, Frog Blood, Frog Epidermic Cell, Frog Liver, Frog Lung, Frog Showing Spermary, Honeybee Mouth Parts, Housefly Compound Eye, Housefly Mouth Parts, Human Blood, Human Cell Mucus Membrane, Human Hair, Human Spermatozoa, Hydra, Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf, Ipomoea Leaf, Ipomoea Root, Lilium Anther, Lilium Ovary, Marchantia Mature Sporophyte, Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen, Mitosis-Onion Root Tip, Mixed Bacteria, Mosquito Larva, Mosquito Mouth Parts, Mosquito Wings, Nervous Tissue, Onion Epidermis, Paramecium, Penicillium, Pig Motor Nerve, Pine Leaf, Pine Root, Pine Stem, Pine Young Staminate Cone, Poa Leaf, Pollen Gem, Pome Sclereid, Pumpkin Stem, Rabbit Arteriole, Rabbit Artery and Vein, Rabbit Blood, Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage, Rabbit Lymph Node, Rabbit Spinal Cord, Rabbit Testis, Rhizopus, Rice Stem, Root-Meristem, Smooth Muscle Breakaway, Spirillum, Spirogyia Conjugation, Stem-Collenchyma, Stem-Parenchyma, Stem-Sclerenchyma, Stem-Tracheid, Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf, Sunflower Stem, Tilia Stem, Tomato Flesh, Volvox, Yeast-Budding, Zea Root, Zea Root Tip, Zea Seed, Zea Stem, Zea Stem.

Brand: AmScope