Automatic Telephone Call Logger Recorder For Analogue Landline Corded & Cordless Digital Dect Phone Handset Compatible on UK/EU Networks (16 GB)

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  • Automatically record calls and store number, Small compact size, Easy to fit, use and operate, Compatible with UK BT phones, Supplied with BT crossover adapter lead,

Details: Single landline automatic telephone recorder automatically recording all calls and logging time/date, duration and all outgoing telephone numbers. Recordings are stored on (optional) removable SD TF memory card. Calls can be played back on built in speaker or transferred to PC media player. Remove SD card or use USB lead transfer recordings to MacBook or Windows PC without any software. Supplied with telephone connecting leads for use on UK or Europe and Rest of World landline telephones. For UK buyers this includes the BT connector and RJ11 crossover leads. For Europe and rest of world buyers this includes standard RJ11 connector. UK buyers be warned! Imports from outside UK do not work without the correct leads or supply with memory card. A complete stand alone telephone call recording solution, it does not require the use of a computer or any software. Set-up takes minutes and it essentially runs on auto pilot when set to record. Keep organised and informed, storing time/date, length of call and number dialled of each recording. All information is displayed on the LCD screen and stored with each recorded file is named in chronological order with the time/date on PC. Loop recording ensures recording never stops if memory card is full by deleting oldest files. 8GB memory card supplied stores 175 hours of phone calls, with a maximum 32GB / 700 hours. Also includes built in microphone for recording memo / meeting and answer machine with 30 second OGM message.


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