Avaya 9611G GLOBAL Desk Phone - Black

Avaya 9611G GLOBAL Desk Phone - Black

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  • Delivers high-definition audio that can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier-to-understand multi-party calls using the wideband audio codec in the handset and headset
  • Facilitates access to information through an easy-to-read, high resolution color display and a permanently labeled Navigation Cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)
  • Delivers visual queues that can speed task management through 8 Red/Green LED buttons
  • Color display - 2.8 inches x 2.1 inches (7.0 cm x 5.3 cm) - Diagonal width: 3.5 inches (8.8 cm)
  • Permanently-labeled feature buttons: Speaker, Mute, Volume, Headset, Contacts, Home, History, Message, Phone

Brand: Avaya

Languages: Algonquian Languages, Acoli, Ainu, Angika, Afro-Asiatic Languages, Akkadian, Albanian, American Sign Language, Alsatian, Altaic Languages, Afar, Adygei, Adangme

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Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.9 x 3.8 inches