BloQaid Callus Removal Tool For Athletes For Eliminating Hard Palm Skin - No Pumice Stone Gloves Removes Calluses in 5 Minutes

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  • FAST, EFFECTIVE AND DURABLE HAND CALLUS REMOVER: Don't waste time on ineffective and time-consuming pumice stones or risk your hands slipping with weightlifting gloves. BloQaid never loses its sharpness, nothing on it ever needs replacing
  • NO NEED FOR WORKOUT GLOVES & CHEAP ALTERNATIVES: Men's Health often mention how gloves reduce your control of the bar, weaken your grip and hinder proper technique. After repetitive gripping, hands become rough, ugly and painful. People notice it when they grip, shake hands or even when they touch their partner. In less than 5 minutes a week, BloQaid takes away that worry
  • TESTED BY DOCTORS - SHOWN TO IMPROVE GRIP PERFORMANCE; CrossFit, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Biking, Obstacle Course Racing, Rowing, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Hockey, Racket Sports, even Pole Dancing. Forget Razors or Guards. Become unstoppable with the newest fitness accessory
  • REACH PEAK POTENTIAL AND GRIP STRENGTH: A small amount of callus is required to protect the hands (less than 1mm). Repetitive grip can cause hand calluses to become too large. Calluses then become painful and eventually rip, halting your progress whilst you wait for your hands to recover. Don't rip, just grip!
  • ELITE ATHLETES USE BLOQAID FOR HAND CARE: BloQaid is the latest and most effective tool to rid you of hand calluses. Train like the professionals and make sure hand calluses aren't stopping you from reaching your goals. These are the marginal gains that help you reach your next level


Bloqaid's hand callus remover is a revolutionary new tool for athletes looking top take care of their hands, improve their performance, and avoid callus and skin damage.

Bloqaid produces premium hand tools for better athletic skin care, function, repair, and recovery.

  • Don't use cheap sand tools and poorly made bars or razors to remove callus & hand damage. Bloqaid is an easy to grip, non-invasive callus tool that is essential for weightlifting, cross training, powerlifting, strongman, and more!
  • We've redesigned the way hand callus removers function with our ergonomic grip, you can hold the tool and use the stainless steel design to gently rub away annoying callus post or pre workout.
  • The stainless steel design is not only rust and waterproof but with premium quality materials we've the made the handle extremely durable and lightweight.

If painful hand calluses are affecting your grip and making your hands rough and unpleasant to look at, BloQaid can remove them in under 5 minutes: quicker than pice stone or sand paper alternatives

Made of metal and lasts a lifetime.

  • The curved file surface makes it extremely effective at getting into the grooves and fingers of the palm/hands.
  • Safe and tested by doctors, Bloqaid is perfect for cross training, weightlifting, powerlifting strongman, gymnastics, rowing, rock climbing, and even dancing!
  • Don't rip, just grip with Bloqaid's lightweight, essential hand callus remover

Order in confidence, your order comes with a

If you're fed up with cheap callus removers, pumice stones, and sand paper that doesn't work, Bloqaid has you covered, add it to your cart today!

Brand: BloQaid

Color: Black & Silver

UPC: 869057000407

EAN: 869057000407

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.5 x 2.0 inches

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