Celtics Abdominal Muscle Stimulator 10 Modes And 20 Levels-Abs Stimulator Rechargeable LCD Display, 10 Pieces of Gel Portable 3-in-1 USB Abdominal Muscle Strength Fitness, Exercise Equipment Portable

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  • 10 modes with 20 levels: Our abs trainer has 10 modes with a total of 20 levels. You can choose different modes and intensities according to your preferences, easily lose weight and shape a charming figure. In addition, we will provide an online version of the manual, including the GB DE FR IT ES version, so you don't have to worry about the loss of the manual and the wrong operation of the abdominal muscle trainer.
  • LCD display and charging controller: When using the abdominal muscle stimulator, you can observe the clear LCD display and adjust the training method according to your preferences, without wasting time to test the intensity. 3 portable charging controllers, equipped with a 3-in-1 USB cable, allowing you to freely replace and charge, and enjoy more stable and longer-lasting efficient exercise time.
  • Functional With New Method: What is crucial for this technique is that transfer the current signal to your muscle directly, making the muscles be in the state of training. It is no longer the signal transferred by brain. Increases blood flow and circulation, beneficial for weight loss especially when added to a healthy diet and routine.
  • Washable Gel: The muscle sitimulator comes with re-washable hydrogel. The hydrogel can be washed after the exercise. And also, the package comes with 10 new gels which could be use as replacement of damaged gels.
  • Exercise At Any Time & Place: This Abs trainer got variety of modes, it is able to use anywhere. Even at office and your home, you can easily work and exercise at the same time. That saves you a lot of time.

Details: Features: 1: The low frequency treatment is by rhythm and soft impetus 2: Choice by 9 strength grades with simple operation 3: Six-point pad for your abs, suitable for arm, waist, and leg muscles training 4: Abs Stimulation muscle build、for fitness shape. Effect: 1: Relieving symptom for tighten shoulder, waist and back with the ultimate Abs stimulator 2: Betterment of muscular paralysis with the ultimate Abs stimulator 3: Massage effect with the ultimate Abs stimulator 4: Betterment of diet with the ultimate Abs stimulator. 5: Build muscle,buile futness shape, keep fit with the ultimate Abs stimulator. Function: 1. In view of the training needs from different parts of the body with the ultimate Abs stimulator. 2. Perfect fit the body curve, focus your attention on the location of the need to exercise more with the ultimate Abs stimulator. 3. The ultimate Abs stimulator is not affected by time or place, no matter when and where you can follow one's inclinations of exercise. Especially suitable for: 1. Sports lovers 2. Fitness Enthusiasts 3. Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming 4. Lose weight faster 5. Post-partum and more

Brand: Celtics

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