EMS Muscle Stimulator ABS Trainer 3 in 1 USB Rechargeable Stomach Toner with LCD Display AB Stimulators Wireless for Tummy Arms Leg for Men Women 10 Modes 20 Levels Portable Toning Belt

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  • 【WHY CHOOSE US?】The rechargeable abs trainer muscle stimulator has 10 modes and 20 intensity levels for you to choose, providing you a personalized excercise experience. 3 in 1 USB line help you charge 3 main machines at the same time, saving time and energy. The wireless and portable ab muscle stimulator with LCD display is small enough to be put in your bag, you can use it easily anytime anywhere
  • 【WHAT EFFECT YOU CAN GET?】Our high-tech EMS stomach toner can help you develop muscle strength effectively by stimulating muscle to excercise. Using the ems muscle stimulator for 20 minutes equals to 30 minutes swimming, 1500m running, 30 minutes yoga and 30 minutes sit-up. You can use the ab toner on your various body parts such as abdomen, stomach, arms, tummy, legs, thigh, waist, back, hip, etc
  • 【EMS TECHNOLOGY】The electrical muscle stimulation function can transfer current signal to your muscle directly, and promote muscle movement through current stimulation. All you have to do is to fit the ems abs trainer to your body and let them exercise your muscles. AB stimulators can help women and men gain stronger muscle lines and the perfect body figure through continuous use
  • 【HOW TO USE?】Install main machine on pad completely and take off transparent sheet and put it aside. Stick it completely onto body part you want to train. Press + to turn on machine. Press m to choose a suitable mode. Press + to choose an intensity level and increase level. Press - to decrease level. Long press - to turn off machine. Once finished, grab the edge of the pad and then slowly tear it off your body
  • 【NOTE】①Before using this ab toning belt, keep your body dry. ②EMS abs trainer will automatically turn down after 20min, so that you know the time. ③Paste back transparent sheet on stimulator after use. ④When device runs out of electricity, it takes 2 hours to fully charge. ⑤Place the pad flat in the box, clean pad and main machines with soft cloth regularly. ⑥If the gel is no longer sticky, replace a new one

Details: Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology: EMS is a low frequency current, which sends signal to muscles through current stimulation. It can help restore muscle flexibility, develop musclestrength and treat soft tissue injury. EMS Muscle Stimulator Advantages: 1) Advanced EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology 2) 10 EMS modes and 20 intensity levels 3) LCD display, easy to operate and convenient to use 4) 3 in 1 USB cable can charge 3 main machines at the same time 5) Portable and lightweight device. You can use it anytime anywhere Applicable Groups and Scenes: The wireless muscle stimulator ems toner set is suitable for long standing and sitting people like doctors, teachers, hairdressers, white-collar workers, etc. You can use the ems muscle stimulator abs trainer while watching TV, working, doing housework, reading ect, that could save your time. How to Use the ABS Trainer Muscle Stimulator? ①Install the controller on the pad ②Take off the transparent sheet and put it on the other side ③Stick it completely onto the body part that you want to train, such as leg, arm, abdomen, back, buttock, hip etc ④Press "+" to turn on the power Press "+" to increase intensity. Press "-" to decrease intensity Press "m" to change EMS mode Press "-" to turn off the power AB Stimulators Package Including: ABS Gel Pad x 1 Body Gel Pad x 2 Main Machine x 3 Manual x 1 3 Heads USB Cable x 1 Note: 1.Stick pads completely onto body parts when using. 2.Paste back transparent sheet after use. 3.Machine will automatically turn down after 20min so that you know the time. 4.Do not bend or fold the EMS pad. 5.Clean pads and main machines with soft cloth regularly.

Brand: Maqiao

Color: Black