Fitness4Life MT-24 Upgraded Belt, Toned Abs Toner, Effective Affordable Fitness Training Kit To stimulate Stomach, Arms & Calves Muscles, Tens Six Pack Machine

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  • ➤ MUSCLE TRAINER: unlike other stimulators, you only need 20 minutes of use and this is equivalent to hours of physical training in the gym.
  • ➤ CORE MUSCLE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT: stimulates and improves muscles in your stomach, arms, and legs. Effectively toning, firming, shaping, tightening, and strengthening them.
  • ➤HOME PAIN RELIEF BELT: this abdominal muscle stimulator improves your posture, relieving your stress, and diffusing your pain.
  • ➤ POST PREGNANCY TONING SIMULATOR: Great post-natal tummy stimulator. Giving you that toned core. An ideal muscle trainer for women and men.
  • ➤ EMS EXERCISE STIMULATOR: is versatile and easy to use. Works while reading, relaxing, or doing house chores.

Details: PRODUCT DETAIL: What’s EMS? EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate & exercise the muscles. Standard training requires the muscles to be stimulated by a breath-shortening, high intensity load. EMSab stimulator trainer easily tones & firms the body, giving the same result as standard training. Fitness4Life MUSCLE TONE 24 core muscle trainer comes with 10 pre-programmed workout modes & intensities of up to 40 levels. It’s an ideal muscle stimulator for women & men. DRUMBEAT: This abs toner warms up your muscles & prepares them for workouts & you’re ready to move on to your abdominal muscle training. SCRAPING: Comfortable intensity, regular use of this ab muscle stimulator relieves stress & pain. KNEADING: Works on specific muscle fibres required for physical resistance development. SLAPPING: Gets the body back in shape. HAMMERING: This ems muscle trainer decreases, relieves stress & diffuses pain. FAT BURNING: This toning belt helps circulation & facilitates liquid elimination. CUPPING: Works on muscle fibres needing to develop physical strength. SLIMMING: Gives Intense muscular pressure which targets the stimulation of slow speed muscular tissues. PLASTIC WAIST: Trains the muscles to receive intense force stimulus & makes fast & intense muscle exercise easier. MUSCLE BUILDING: After intense muscular exercises, the output pulse frequency maintains the muscle tone & strength. MUSCLE TONE 24 can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for workouts while reading or doing household chores. It comes very handy for your business or pleasure trips.

Brand: Fitness4Life