Heromask VR Headset + Maths educational games [times tables subtraction...] for kids 5 6 7 8...12 years old [Fun games] VR Maths set [3D glasses] Cool for girls and boys Learning toys

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  • 🎲 [HEROMASK MATH GAMES] → Press the button to launch laser beams! Children will learn mathematics while having a lot of fun. Watch videos about Heromask on Internet. It helps to learn the multiplication table, subtraction, addition, division...
  • → Award-winning educational games for children aged 5, 6, 7, 8 ..., up to 12 years old. Customers usually buy Heromask as learning resources, cool birthday presents, or unique gifts for Christmas.
  • 🔥 [HEROMASK VR GLASSES] New model. The built-in mechanical button has been improved (no batteries required). Much better finishing materials. VR headset with Interpupillary adjustment (fits both kids and adults).
  • → The VR goggles can also be used by the whole family to watch videos or play other virtual reality video games.
  • 🛠️ [TECHNICAL SUPPORT] → All iPhone's from version 4 are compatible with virtual reality, but some Android smartphones are not. Comment below your Android model. We will find for you if it is compatible with VR or not. Shop with confidence!

Details: Heromask are learning toys created by a still small and little-known company that creates cool things to make learning fun. Nevertheless, it has received multiple awards, been seen on TV, newspapers or educational blogs. We strongly believe that we learn better if we are motivated. We know virtual reality and action video games motivates children a lot. Heromask is pioneer in making that kind of innovative educational video games for children. That's why our customers usually buy it when they are looking for a not only cool, fresh and surprising family gift, but also one that is useful for the child. Check it out yourself!

Brand: Heromask

Color: Mathematics

EAN: 8437019850029

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.6 x 4.3 inches

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