kames skoss prestige Muscle Stimulator, Abs Trainer Abdominal Muscle Toner - EMS trainer, Kit Muscular Stimulator Arm + Thighs + Legs, Massage Muscles, gluteal apparatus Free (Noir J)

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  • High Efficiency Technology. This EMS electro-stimulator sends electrical signals to the muscles. It gently contracts and stimulates your abs while you do other activities. Your muscles are trained alone, without any special exercises.
  • Burn fat and sculpt the body. This electric stimulator burns fat, tones the body and makes you lose weight. It fights cellulite and orange peel effect. It shapes by contracting the muscles of the arm, legs, thighs, waist and abdomen.
  • Easy and efficient to use. Visible effects thanks to continuous use over 2 months. Use for 20 minutes each time, 2 to 4 times a day. The effects obtained are the equivalent of half an hour of swimming, an hour of abs and 2 weeks of diet.
  • 6 Exercise Modes and 10 Intensity Levels. Choose the exercise mode: beat, knead, massage, acupressure, acupuncture or suction cup. Choose the high and low intensity level and adjust the vibration speeds to achieve the desired strength training effects.
  • Appareille With the electro-stimulator and without danger to your health. Before making any complaints about the operation of the device, please consult the instructions for use of the device with new batteries and check the handling of the boxes. The EMS muscle stimulator is CE, FC and RHOS certified.

Brand: kames skoss prestige

Color: Noir J