Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus for windows, tiles, mirrors & shower, window cleaning set, window vacuum, efficient & reliable

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Brand: Kärcher

Color: Yellow/Black


  • Compact & convenient: Small and ergonomic window cleaner, leaving behind no drops or streaks thanks to powerful suction
  • Lightweight & quiet: The combination of lightweight material and a pleasantly quiet level of volume make cleaning all smooth surfaces such as windows, tiles and glass even easier
  • Powerful: Cleans approximately 25 windows (ca. 75m) in 25-minutes on one charge, while the integrated LED display tells you when to connect the battery to the charger
  • Simple: The convenient handling allows you to reach even the lower parts of the window frame without problems
  • Hygiene: The dirty water tank can be emptied at any time, effortlessly and fast - after cleaning or in between

Details: The new range of WV's are 10% smaller than thier predecessor, ensuring that lower window edges are more easily reached. Ergonomic and compact construction style allows you to get an optimal cleaning result even easier than before. The new Plus and Premium Window Vac sets provide you with everything you need for the entire cleaning process. Including the battery-powered window vac, spray bottle plus microfibre cloth and powerful window cleaner concentrate.

EAN: 4039784996267

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 7.4 x 5.0 inches


WV 2 Premium
WV 2 Premium

Leave surfaces completely dry and streak free

The Kärcher WV2 Premium is an innovative handheld window cleaner that effortlessly sucks up moisture and leaves surfaces streak-free, clean and dry. This versatile handheld device makes window cleaning easy, and it's great for everyday condensation too. The wide cleaning head leaves shower screens, tiles and mirrors sparkling clean, and you can even use it for sucking up liquid spills from floors and worktops.

Features and Benefits

Better Window Cleaning

Better Window Cleaning

The WV 2 is great for cleaning windows and fantastic for removing condensation from windows and keeping shower screens sparkling.

Spray bottle set

Spray Bottle Set

The Spray bottle set with microfiber cloth with abrasive strips to loosen even the most suborn dirt.

Small Suction head

Small Suction Head

A 170 mm suction nozzle allows you to access even the tightest of spaces. Particularly suitable for lattice, sash, leaded and smaller windows.



This versatile vacuum is ideal for a variety of jobs, whilst the nozzle allows you to suck up spills and other liquids from any smooth flat surfaces.

On / Off Button

On / Off Button

The on/off button position and the integrated battery LED will tell you the status of the battery so that you don’t run out mid-way through cleaning.

Easy Empty

Easy Empty Plug

The heavy duty plug has been designed to attach securely to the machine to allow simple, straight-forward emptying of the dirty water collected.

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

With a 2 hour charge time that once full charged allows the WV 2 Premium to clean 75m² on a single charge.

Removable Lip

Removable lip to allow for easy cleaning once the WV 2 Premium has finished the task