MAGATEK ANC Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, TWS Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with True Wireless,in-Ear Earphones with Digital Charging Case for Running/Driving/Companion Etc. (black)

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  • [ Better noise reduction effect ]: wireless Bluetooth earbuds use advanced ANC active noise reduction technology, which can actively filter out more than 85% of the surrounding noise, regardless of the environment (such as an airport or subway station), the noise can be reduced to below 25db, It can keep your conversation or music with each other clear and high-quality sound.
  • [ More stable chip technology ]: Compared with ordinary earplugs, it is equipped with stable chip technology version 2.0, with a diameter of 10mm and a variety of high-quality speakers. No matter what kind of music you are, the tuning team can perfectly restore the sound effects of each music to your ears. The deep drum sound or soprano saxophone allows you to experience the fun of live listening.
  • [ The operation is simpler ]: the ANC wireless Bluetooth earbuds use a one-time pairing technology. You only need to tap once to connect when you first use it, and the Bluetooth will automatically pair each time it is turned on, without the need to operate again. You can free your hands and enjoy your private world at ease.
  • [ Two-channel button control ]: ANC Bluetooth earbuds can control the size or switch of the left and right earbuds. You only need to take out one of the earbuds to control all the buttons without having to distinguish between the left and right earbuds. It will make you more willing to share your beautiful musical moments with your partner.
  • [ Longer battery life ]: The ANC wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a good visual digital automatic charging compartment. In the standby state, it can keep the Bluetooth headset fully charged for up to 130 hours and work continuously for up to 7 hours.You don’t need to worry about always charging.

Details: ·Why chooseMAGATEK wireless ANC Bluetooth earbuds? MAGATEK has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality Bluetooth earplugs. ANC (active noise cancelling) wireless Bluetooth earplugs are products developed and produced by MAGATEK itself. We have the ability to simulate noise reduction technology through ANC. The noise is automatically cancelled at the same frequency to realize the noise reduction function. ANC function can make the effect of call or music become very perfect. ·Is the connection stability of ANC wireless Bluetooth good? We use the latest version 5.0 Bluetooth connection technology, which can make a stable and effective connection within a 10-meter barrier-free range without delay, which will bring you a better call experience. ·Can ANC Bluetooth charge mobile phones? The MAGATEK wireless Bluetooth headset uses a two-way charging function. The digital charging compartment can keep charging the ANC Bluetooth wireless headset for up to 40 hours; when your phone needs to be charged, it can provide emergency power to your phone . ·Package list: 2 x Bluetooth Earbuds 1 x Charging Box 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual (Please read the instructions before use) 3 x Pair of Earplugs Note: The product is not a toy. Please place the product and accessories in a place that is not easy for children to obtain.


Color: black