Majority Homerton Digital DAB/DAB+/FM and Internet Radio Wi-Fi - CD Player, Remote Control, Bluetooth, Dual Alarm, AUX and USB in, Headphone Port, App Control, Colour Screen (Oak)

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  • DAB/DAB+ DIGITAL RADIO, FM AND INTERNET RADIO: Simply tune the radio to begin listening to a wide variety of "Future-Ready" digital and FM radio. There is also an optional feature of connecting to your WiFi to access thousands of stations in internet radio mode.
  • CD PLAYER: Listen to your favourite CDs via the built in CD player. Play, pause, set the order of the songs and more with the remote control.
  • BLUETOOTH, UPNP, AUX-IN AND USB INPUT/CHARGING: Connect your device via Bluetooth, UPnP, AUX-in or USB MP3 input (USB stick) and enjoy listening to your own media and playlists in HD sound.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Easily control your radio settings and wander between modes by using the supplied remote control. You can also control your radio from your phone with the AirMusic App for Apple and Android. Adjust bass, treble and equaliser settings to heighten music and audio.

Great radio adventure

Experience a spectacle of global radio and cultures with the Majority Homerton, or keep your radio adventure close to home with DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio.

Remote Control or App Control

Use the remote control to navigate around your radio or download the AirMusic App on Apple or Android to control the radio from an app on your device.

Explore your favourite audio

As well as thousands of stations to scroll through and explore, the Homerton can also play CDs.

The Homerton also includes a range of features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. Using Bluetooth connectivity or UPnP, you can immerse yourself in your favourite media and enjoy your favourite playlists from the apps on your phone. For devices without Bluetooth, connect to the radio via the AUX port or even insert a USB stick with MP3 files into the radio via the USB port.

Sound and Display

Adjust the screen brightness on the LCD colour screen and alter other features to personalise the settings. In radio settings, change the equaliser to accompany the genre you are listening to for the best music experience.

Dual Alarm Clock Features

Set two alarms on your radio by selecting from weekends, weekdays or daily. For further personalisation, enjoy exploring the thousands of radio stations as your alarm tone.

Listed Features:

Internet Radio
Remote Control
CD Player
Play MP3 from a USB device
Headphone jack
Media Centre with UPNP

In the Box:

Homerton Internet Radio
Remote Control
DC Power Cable
Instructions Guide

Note - please check DAB coverage in your area to determine which DAB radio stations your radio can source. For maximum DAB signal, ensure the radio aerial is fully extended and free from interference from objects.


Color: Oak

EAN: 5060508072652

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 11.4 x 7.8 inches

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