Majority Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio, Dual Alarm Clock, Stereo Speaker System, USB Charging and Input, AUX-in, Colour Display, App Control Feature (Black)...

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  • INTERNET RADIO: Connect to your WiFi to encounter thousands of stations from every country all over the world, or enjoy local radio. Simply connect the radio to your WiFi connection to begin the adventure. Control your radio from your phone with the AirMusic App for Apple and Android.
  • DUAL ALARM CLOCK AND PRESETS: Set up to two alarms and choose the days you would like the alarms to sound. Enjoy setting over 150+ of your preset favourite stations as your alarm tone.
  • SNOOZE AND TIMERS: Turn off your alarm by hitting snooze for some extra minutes of sleep. Also set a nap alarm or timers on the radio for your convenience.
  • UPNP, AUX-IN AND USB INPUT/CHARGING: Connect your Android device via UPnP and enjoy your playlists. Connect any device via the AUX-In port to enjoy Spotify and other streaming services. Use the USB port to input a USB stick with MP3 files, or charge your device via a USB cable.

Download the AirMusic MediaU App to control your internet radio from your Apple or Android device!

Internet Radio

Simply connect the radio to your WiFi network to gain access to thousands of radio stations from every country all over the world, as well as local stations. Once you find a station you love, set it as one of your 150+ preset stations. Control your radio from your phone with the AirMusic App for Apple and Android.

Dual Alarm Clock Features

Set two alarms on your radio, with options of selecting the days you wish to set each alarm such as weekends, weekdays or daily. For further personalisation, enjoy exploring the thousands of radio stations as your alarm tone. When the alarm sounds, put it into snooze at the press of a button for extra moments of sleep.

Explore your favourite audio

Connect your device via UPnP or the AUX port to play your favourite playlists from streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube. For additional choice, insert a USB stick to begin playing MP3 files

Listed Features:


Internet Radio
Play MP3 from a USB device
USB Charging
USB MP3 Playback
Line out for an external amplifier
Media Centre with UPNP

Functionality Features:

150+ preset options for internet radio
Dual Alarm Clock to set once, everyday or specific days for the alarm to sound
Snooze/Nap Alarm features
Equaliser adjustment settings
Sleep Timer
Timer Option
Information Centre including weather, financial and system information
Local Radio Accessibility
LCD Dimmable screen
Please note that there is no headphone jack. Cannot connect bluetooth earphones.

In the Box:

Peterhouse Internet Radio
DC Power Cable


Color: Black

EAN: 5060508070580

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches

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