OPIS PushMeFon cable: 1970s inspired fixed-line push-button retro telephone with classic metal bell ringer (black)

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  • classic phone - modern colours
  • corded push-button phone
  • ring indicator light
  • version with cassic metal ringer
  • compatible with modern phone outlets & supports tone dialling

Details: OPIS PushMeFon cable: 1970s push-button retro phone with classic metal bell ringer The PushMeFon cable is a telephone in the classic shape of the 1970s. With its retro design, its strong colours and its classic metal bell it evokes the charm of the past. Due to the modern technology in its interior it is completely compatible with modern telephone lines, routers and boxes. Have fun talking!

Technical Specifications

  • corded push-button phone
  • modern colours
  • version with classic metal bell
  • ring indicator light
  • supports tone dialling
Package includes
  • Opis PushMeFon landline telephone
  • telephone cable with interntional RJ11 plug
  • telephone cable adapters for Germany, France, UK
  • length: 23 cm
  • width: 22 cm
  • height: 13 cm
  • weight: 0.9 kg
  • quick instructions sheet (https://www.opis-tech.com/images/PushMeFon/manual/manual%20-%20PushMeFon.pdf)
Developed by Opis Technology, Germany (https://www.opis-tech.com/en/)

Brand: Opis Technology

Color: PMF black

EAN: 4260307060954

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.1 x 4.8 inches