Pasebo Abs Stimulator Hip Trainer- Abdominal Trainer Muscle Stimulator Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator Fitness Equipment Ab Arm Stimulator Muscle Toner With LCD Display Remote Control 13 Gel Pads

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  • 【WHAT IS STIMULATOR USED FOR】 - The abs stimulator and hip trainer are used for muscle toning and body slimming. EMS works effectively by stimulating, toning, tighten and strengthen body muscles instead of doing massive regular exercises. Using the stimulators consecutively would help you gain a better body shape in no distant time
  • 【CONVENIENT & EXERCISE WITH EASE】- Have you been thinking of that dream body? Our wireless abs stimulator and hip trainer is your answer. Both EMS stimulators come with REMOTE CONTROL and RECHARGEABLE HOSTS that would enable you to exercise effortlessly in order to get that dream body. WIRELESS EMS ABS MUSCLE STIMULATOR and HIPS TRAINER has strong elastic movement of tighten muscles so your dreamed body can be achieved with ease
  • 【SIX MODES & NINE HIGH INTENSITY LEVELS】 - Our abs stimulator and hip trainer have 6 modes and 9 high intensity levels to help burn fat and tone hips quickly. THESE UPGRADED EASY TO USE POWERFUL EQUIPMENT ALLOWS YOU TO EXERCISE ANYTIME ANYWHERE.
  • 【SKIN-FRIENDLY & WASHABLE GEL PADS】 - Our Ems abs toner and hips trainer uses skin-friendly soft hydrogel patch that conforms to body lines and can be washed after exercise in order to help the gel pads avoid losing its stickiness caused by sweat. Our stimulator comes with 10 pieces of stimulator and 3 pieces of hip trainer replacement gels to help replace any damaged ones after long use.
  • 【POWERFUL & PROVEN SCIENTIFIC RESULTS】- Using our 2021 Upgraded abdominal stimulator and hip training fitness devices 15 minutes a time is equals to 30 minutes of Sit-ups, 2000M of Running and 60 minutes of swimming. These stimulators are specially designed with focus on comfort, ease of use and results oriented.

Details: Product InformationEMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) produces intensive and effective muscularcontraction by passing electrical stimulation through electrode pads placed on the skinin order to react with specific nerves supplying muscle groups. These muscles contraction retrain muscles, increase effectiveness and improve their condition. Benefits Our wireless Ems abs stimulator and hip trainer helps tighten and strengthen body musclesThe hip trainer helps to reshape and tone hips and enables a healthier, energetic posture and a flexible body movement.These stimulators have remote control that would help you to do exercise effortlessly. Package Contents1 x Abdominal stimulator2 x Arm/Body stimulators1 x Hip trainer1 x Remote control13 x Replacement gel pads2 x USB cables1 x User manual Tips*You might find it shocking when not properly placed on your skin but this is how new EMS operates. Pleasepress button + on the host only when the stimulators are on your skin due to the electric current.*Charge the stimulators before use as the batteries may be drained of power during shipping.*Sprinkle a bit of water on the Hydrogel pads when using the stimulators for the first time in order to stick properly.*Keep the gel pads in a protective film when not in use in order to get a longer use. PrecautionThis fitness and home gym equipment should not be used in the following cases:* During Pregnancy* Patient with epilepsy, cancer and undergoing surgery.* Do not use it with a full stomach or when sleeping.

Brand: Pasebo