Slendertone Abs Belt Replacement Gel Pads, Triple Value Pack

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  • Biocompatibility-tested, medical grade hydrogel minimises the risk of irritation
  • The grid on the pads distributes the toning pulses evenly and effectively
  • This maximises comfort and optimises muscle targeting

Details: Product Description Slender tone Replacement ab toning gel pads are composed of a three layer conductive Medium, medical grade HYDROGEL technology, used for safely and comfortably toning muscles via electrical muscle stimulation technology. This ensures comfortable, gentle and even delivery of the therapy to the correct nerves. The adhesive properties Are clinically tested To ensure gel remains on the pad and Not all over your skin or clothes, whilst being highly Anti-Allergenic for users with sensitive skin. Box Contains 3x Gel Pads

Brand: Slendertone

Color: Black