Tablet Android 10.0 - TOSCIDO Tablets 10 Inch 4 GB/RAM, 64 GB/ROM Tablet PC Octa Core, Dual SIM, WiFi Support Bluetooth Keyboard | Mouse | Tablet Cover and More Included - Silver

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  • More accessories: tablet, tablet PC case, Bluetooth keyboard, 2.4G wireless mouse, OTG cable, capacitive pen, user manual (English language not guaranteed), EU standard charger, type C data cable, TOSCIDO tablet Android tablet is the best gift for a lover
  • Android 10: faster system: Toscido 10.1 inch Android tablet with built-in 4 GB operating memory and 64 GB memory - up to 128 GB, screen resolution 1280 x 800 IPS and support 5000 mAh battery 4-5 hours video playback (720P and 1080P); support for 2.0+. 5.0 MP. - Cameras, tablet with two stereo speakers and support for fast transfer data interfaces of type C, TF Carc | Dual SIM card | WiFi | GPS accurate | Bluetooth 4.2 support
  • Metal texture and exquisite design: Derived from Toscido design - gold and grey metal back design highlight the product in any place. Lightweight and comfortable (9 mm thin) you can take it with you (travel, work, cafe, library, etc.). This is a perfect tablet. You can use GOOGLE GPS, a good navigator. In an environment without WiFi support, you can continue to surf the internet by inserting your SIM card.
  • Tablet with phone: tablet with two configured SIM card slots, you can call and surf the Internet. Compatible with 3G/2G and supports 2.4 g WiFi (802.11b/g/n). If you are in a situation where there is no WiFi environment, you can solve the network environment by installing a SIM card. Whether in the field or indoors, you can comfortably enjoy games, movies, videos, e-books, etc.
  • Powerful function support - Our tablet is sold as a combination of multiple accessories, so customers can use it anywhere. Toscido tablet PC is equipped with an Android 10.0 system. Thanks to the GOOGLE GMS certification, we can download all applications, games, music, beauty, email, weather and social applications free from the GOOGLE Store: Netflix Support

Brand: TOSCiDO

Color: silver