Triggerdinger 2020 - Classic Edition - Trigger Point Self Treatment Massager

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  • Trigger point treatment: with our trigger dingers, you can treat and release muscle tension. The precise and precise pressure exerted by triggerding stimulates the blood flow to the affected muscles and thus releases tension in the muscles or adhesions of muscles and fascia. This allows you to quickly fix acute pain or restrictions in mobility.
  • Made in Germany -> Locally manufactured in Hesse.
  • POINT SELF MASSAGE: Our Triggerdinger Classic Edition is particularly suitable for the treatment of trigger points in the neck, shoulder, forearm and back, hip, buttocks, thigh and lower leg muscles as well as the rotator cuff.
  • Box contents: Small Buddy (50 mm), Middle Man (55 mm), Big Boy (60 mm).
  • Colour: light ivory / pastel blue / granite grey.

Brand: Triggerdinger

Color: Light Ivory / Pastel Blue / Granite Grey