Vytaliving EMS Sciaticure Acupressure Wrap - EMS Muscle Stimulator - Pain Relief - Sciatica Pain Relief - Nerve Pain Relief- Muscle Pain Relief - Joint Pain Relief - Rechargeable - As seen in Press

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  • EMS Sciaticure acupressure wrap targets pain through electrical stimulation and provides nerve pain relief, back pain relief, lower back pain relief, muscle pain relief, leg pain relief & ease pain in hips.
  • Benefits: The EMS acupressure wrap fits snugly around your calf muscle, micropulse technology targets pain, one touch control-takes seconds to operate, discreet-no-one will know you are wearing it, rechargeable, non-addictive, drug free pain relief, one size fits all & suits both men & women.
  • If you suffer from chronic nerve or muscle pain, you might have heard that a TENS or EMS could provide you with non-addictive, drug-free relief. TENS and EMS units are powerful therapeutic solutions sometimes used for pain relief therapy.
  • How it Works: it stimulates your nerves and travels across your skin causing the production of endorphins, a natural pain killer your body produces on its own. When EMS Sciaticure acupressure wrap sends these electrical impulses to your body it can reduce your pain you are feeling from Sciatica, giving you the pain relief you seek.
  • Tips: Please note that this product should not be used if you have a pacemaker. Be mindful that we do not recommend using any form of oil or moisturiser between the contact pads and the skin while using this product. Please ensure that when you wear the product the skin is dry and clean.

Brand: Vytaliving